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Joomla Tutorial

Here, I am demonstrating “how to create a Joomla site” easily. Here, I am making a website for a Computer Hardware Sjop in Joomla.

1. Download Joomla at
2. Select and download  Joomla 3.3. Extract it to your server web root i.g, for me, it is; C:/wamp/www/joomla/
3. Download JCE editor. for Joomla. The default editor for Joomla is TinyMCE. You need to replace it by JCE editor. It provides much more facilities.

Download it from
Installing JCE

Download the .zip file to your hard disk (let say it is your desktop).

4. Create a database in MySQL let say “joomla” (you can use any name for the database)
5. Now, run the joomla project in the browser. For me it is; http://localhost:81/joomla
6. You will see a installation screen on the compute. Provide all details and click “Next” button.
Now, provide database details and click “Next”


4. In “Overview” section, click “Install” button to install. After installation, a button will appear “Remove Installation Folder”. Click it to remove, installation folder.

5. Open “Site” and “Administrator” both on separate tabs. So, that we can use administration panel and see it’s results in the site simultaneously.

You can also the admin panel by http://localhost:81/joomla/administrator/ i.e, http://<host name>:<port number>/<project folder name>/administrator/

6. Open the administration panel and login there.

7. First, we need to install the JCE, that we have already downloaded. Go to Extensions -> Extension Manager.
Click on “Browse” button, select the .zip file of JCE and click “Upload & Install” button.

8. After installation is completed, go to System -> Global Configuration menu.
Select default editor as “Editor – JCE” and click “Save & Close” button

Creating Categories:

9. Now go to Content -> Category Manager menu.
There exists a “Uncategorised”. Be it there. Click “New” button.


10. Enter title “About Us” and click “Save & New”
11. Enter “Products” and click “Save & New”
12. Enter “News” and click “Save & New”
13. Enter “Events”, select Parent as “News” and click “Save & New”
14.  Enter “Contact Us” and click “Save & Close

(Preparing and updating Part-2 Soon…..)