What is the best way to train and get an IT JOB

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Company News, Job News

Many students are trying to be well placed after getting a good training in Software Development. Specially web development, Mobile Development and Ethical Hacking are in high demand now. Also, people who are in digital marketing, data science, machine learning have good scope in job placement in near future.

Selecting a training institute:

Many students and working professionals were confused in selecting a training institute. The best way is to go for online training programs provided by UDEMY or LINKEDIN. For real time experience, you also can take help of software companies which are also involved in training on live projects.

Selecting a Course :

Always go for a course, which you found your interest to learn. The course must have good learning curve and match the current employment trend. For freshers, I would suggest Mobile Application & Web Application development. For working professionals, I would suggest BIGDATA and Machine Learning.

Offsite Training Institute:

Offsite training institutes can help you do a real time project with proper documentation and trouble shooting. If you stuck, the programmers can help you shoot it out. To help, I have started one at Bhubaneswar, Odisha (INDIA) called TETRALANCE PRIVATE LIMITED (www.tetralance.com), which offers such service at very low price.


Getting a JOB:

Now-a-days, getting a IT job is not easier, specially in walk in. Hence, you must comply following checklist;

  1. Try to avoid any year gap/s
  2. Get involved in real time project development
  3. Improve your communication skill
  4. Set some references (who can assist you to get the job)
  5. Proper resume format (Its very important now-a-days)


For any query feel free to write me at deb882003@gmail.com or info@tetralance.com


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