Looking for a Software Development Job

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Company News, Job News

Not getting a IT Job Yet ?

The reason may be many. The major reasons may includes;

  1. No placement in college campus
  2. Year gaps (searching for a job for a long time)
  3. Repeated company change/switch
  4. Improper resume format
  5. Lack of technical skill/selection of technology in demand
  6. Lack of Connections/Network

How to fix all these ?

  1. Build your network through social media
  2. Learn technologies in demand
  3. Improve your techno-commercial aspect, it will increase your commercial value
  4. Build a good resume
  5. Gain some real time project experience
  6. Improve your communication skills
  7. Try to make conversations with IT professionals (programmers, tech leads, designers, etc)

JBS (Just before campus) is a mandate. It’s not optional any more

Have you ever felt that, you are a hard working and self motivated candidate but repeatedly rejected by recruiters. One of the major reason is “conveying the right reply to the question asked by the recruiter”. It’s an art to face an interview, convince the recruiter and increase your commercial value. Try to diagnose it more and make a check list. Try to comply all these and soon you will get an excellent result with no doubt.


For any query, always feel free to write me at deb882003@gmail.com or info@tetralance.com

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