Next move of a WEB DESIGNER

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Company News, Job News

If you have already worked for a long time as a web designer and still not satisfied with your earning, my suggestions are here. Notably, this post is based upon my experience and the provided solution is based upon current market trends.

    1. Add Front-end development skill to your skill basket

      Start learning Angular JS, React, D3 or similar. Front-end developers are in demand now and almost all organizations are looking for such candidates. If you are a working professional, you must spend some time on UDEMY, LYNDA, LINKEDIN LEARNING or YOUTUBE to add these skills to your technical skill basket.

    2. Digital Marketing

      It’s always good to be staying updated with latest technologies, which secures your career. Digital marketing have easy learning curve and you can find help easily at any time. Try to add this to your basket too.

      3. Freelancing

      A study says, “people who are into freelancing” are more faster, updated and professional in nature. It’s due to the reason that “They do multi tasking” and almost “overloaded”. They can not survive the next day, if failed to adopt the “latest trend”

      4. Game Development

      You can start designing games (scenes, characters, etc) right away. Just add “Unity” to your skill basket. Try to explore “Blender” or similar. It will give you fun and a way to invent more of yourself.


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