Missing link in College Campus. What required to increase campus placement

Posted: June 15, 2018 in Bhubaneswar IT Jobs
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During various placement drives conducted in various IT institutions, me and my IT team have analysed so many things, which includes the reasons of getting a poor ratio of students strength and placement conducted or achieved. The major reason is the lack of understanding current client’s requirement. What factors any IT organization are looking now during conducting any interview or driving a placement in any IT institution. The below are my recommendations which may help any IT college or similar to increase the placement ratio. Colleges should try to conduct following activities;

  1. Career Counselling Programs to meet “Current Industrial Standard”


  • Preparing candidates for pre-placement needs & understanding company expectations
  • Reducing chances of rejection & building confidence towards career opportunities
  • Pre-placement preparedness with defining goal/objective to select right career
  • Developing Techno-Commercial Perspective with Live Projects2. Workshops on “Introduction to latest Technologies – in demand” including JBC (Just Before Campus) program


  • Checklist compliance before “Just Before Campus”
  • Defining & Preparing proper-formatted resume
  • Getting Industrial credential
  • Building and taking advantage of Networks/References

Apart from above, colleges should focus on “improving communication skills” with other essential “soft skills”, to make the students more perfect and confident. Joint ventures with existing IT companies and start-ups are also important to grow the network and take placement ratio to the next level.


For any query or suggestion, please feel free to write me at info@tetralance.com

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