Posted: October 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the advent of Web 2.0 the Web Application has now become more interactive in nature thanks to AJAX. But this interactive using AJAX comes with some mistakes that people generally doesn’t follows.

Below are the list of mistakes that AJAX gives you as a gift.

No Back Button Functionality
By default the browser stores the web page visited in the History Folder, but with AJAX the browser is unable to retrieve the dynamic content.

2. Waiting Endlessly
The AJAX functionality largely depend on the network connection and the bandwidth. AJAX works well with good Internet Connection so if you are using dial-up you will have to wait until the response comes from the server. But if your browser get struck in between the AJAX call irrespective of the internet connection then your browser window is dead until the user reloads the page or opens a same page and writes the same content again and submit.

Using AJAX for the sake of AJAX.
AJAX is a very good feature to implement in todays web world but you also have to make count of the usability of it.

Cross Browser Compatible
If your web application is targeting multiple browser you will have to make sure that the AJAX Application works seamlessly on all the browsers.

Browsers Load
Making too much AJAX calls will degrade the browser performance and it will become slow. This will make the user experience horrible for your site.

Users cannot bookmark the page having dynamic content fetched using AJAX. The reason is AJAX will fetch dynamic data from the server and the bookmark link will only store the static data stored in the internet cache folder.


Enable/Disable JavaScript
AJAX purely works with JavaScript and if the users browsers has JavaScript disabled then the AJAX functionality will not work.


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