Creating the menu item

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Creating the menu item

To create the menu item to which you’ll link the new articles, follow these
1. Click the Menu Manager icon in the control panel or choose
Menus➪Menu Manager in any back-end page to open Menu Manager.
2. In the row of the menu to which you want to add the new item, click
the icon in the Menu Item(s) column.
For this exercise, select Main Menu.
The Menu Item Manager page opens, displaying a node tree.
3. Click Internal Links➪Articles➪Category➪Category List Layout to open
the Category List Layout page.
4. Enter the title of the new menu item in the Title text box.
For this exercise, type Ice Cream Cones.
5. Enter an alias for the menu item in the Alias text box.
For this exercise, type ice-cream-cones.
6. From the Display In drop-down menu, choose the parent menu for the
new menu item.
For this exercise, choose Main Menu.
7. In the Parent Item list, select the parent menu’s level.
For this exercise, because you’re using the Main menu, select Top.
8. In the Published section, select the Yes radio button.
9. In the Access Level list, select Public.
10. In the On Click, Open In list, select Parent Window with Browser

11. In the Parameters – Basic pane, choose the category from the Category
drop-down menu.
For this exercise, choose Ice Cream/Cones. At this point, your settings
may resemble Figure 5-7.
12. Click the Save button.
You return to Menu Manager, which displays the new menu item.

Changing the order of menu items
You can see the new menu item in Menu Manager, but it’s been added to
the bottom of the list of menu items — and, therefore, will appear last in its
parent menu. You can change that arrangement by entering new ordinal
numbers in the menu items’ Order columns and then clicking the floppy-disk
icon at the top of the column.
For this exercise, type 4 in the Ice Cream Cones menu item’s Order column,
and click the floppy-disk icon at the top of the column to save the new order.
Now you’ve got the menu items in the order you want


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