Tetralance Private Limited is providing free training on GitHub on 12th August 2018.
Training Mode: Offline
Training Location: Bhubaneswar (India)
Training Duration: 3 Hours
Training Fee: 0/- INR
Total Seats: 20
Certificate will be provided to participants

For participation, drop mail to info@tetralance.com or deb882003@gmail.com to book your seats.

During various placement drives conducted in various IT institutions, me and my IT team have analysed so many things, which includes the reasons of getting a poor ratio of students strength and placement conducted or achieved. The major reason is the lack of understanding current client’s requirement. What factors any IT organization are looking now during conducting any interview or driving a placement in any IT institution. The below are my recommendations which may help any IT college or similar to increase the placement ratio. Colleges should try to conduct following activities;

  1. Career Counselling Programs to meet “Current Industrial Standard”


  • Preparing candidates for pre-placement needs & understanding company expectations
  • Reducing chances of rejection & building confidence towards career opportunities
  • Pre-placement preparedness with defining goal/objective to select right career
  • Developing Techno-Commercial Perspective with Live Projects2. Workshops on “Introduction to latest Technologies – in demand” including JBC (Just Before Campus) program


  • Checklist compliance before “Just Before Campus”
  • Defining & Preparing proper-formatted resume
  • Getting Industrial credential
  • Building and taking advantage of Networks/References

Apart from above, colleges should focus on “improving communication skills” with other essential “soft skills”, to make the students more perfect and confident. Joint ventures with existing IT companies and start-ups are also important to grow the network and take placement ratio to the next level.


For any query or suggestion, please feel free to write me at info@tetralance.com

Staying at Bhubaneswar and looking for a job to quick start your career.  We can help you.

  1. Virtual Assistance:

    Any graduate or students who have good communication skill can work as a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant must have his own setup at home (Laptop/PC, Internet, Head Phone, Skype, etc). The client will pay them directly (monthly basis). The job includes;

    Communicate their clients on various services through Internet (mail, skype, etc)
    Promotion of various activities (as defined by client)
    Update daily activities in MIS (as defined by client)

    You can send their resume to info@tetralance.com or deb882003@gmail.com

  2. Marketing:

    To earn, you do not need to work full time. Students and working professionals who are interested to work part time and earn can participate. The job role includes business promotion and developing business network. Salary will be dispatched monthly.

You can send their resume to info@tetralance.com or deb882003@gmail.com


If you have already worked for a long time as a web designer and still not satisfied with your earning, my suggestions are here. Notably, this post is based upon my experience and the provided solution is based upon current market trends.

    1. Add Front-end development skill to your skill basket

      Start learning Angular JS, React, D3 or similar. Front-end developers are in demand now and almost all organizations are looking for such candidates. If you are a working professional, you must spend some time on UDEMY, LYNDA, LINKEDIN LEARNING or YOUTUBE to add these skills to your technical skill basket.

    2. Digital Marketing

      It’s always good to be staying updated with latest technologies, which secures your career. Digital marketing have easy learning curve and you can find help easily at any time. Try to add this to your basket too.

      3. Freelancing

      A study says, “people who are into freelancing” are more faster, updated and professional in nature. It’s due to the reason that “They do multi tasking” and almost “overloaded”. They can not survive the next day, if failed to adopt the “latest trend”

      4. Game Development

      You can start designing games (scenes, characters, etc) right away. Just add “Unity” to your skill basket. Try to explore “Blender” or similar. It will give you fun and a way to invent more of yourself.


For any query or suggestion, feel free to contact me at deb882003@gmail.com or info@tetralance.com

Not getting a IT Job Yet ?

The reason may be many. The major reasons may includes;

  1. No placement in college campus
  2. Year gaps (searching for a job for a long time)
  3. Repeated company change/switch
  4. Improper resume format
  5. Lack of technical skill/selection of technology in demand
  6. Lack of Connections/Network

How to fix all these ?

  1. Build your network through social media
  2. Learn technologies in demand
  3. Improve your techno-commercial aspect, it will increase your commercial value
  4. Build a good resume
  5. Gain some real time project experience
  6. Improve your communication skills
  7. Try to make conversations with IT professionals (programmers, tech leads, designers, etc)

JBS (Just before campus) is a mandate. It’s not optional any more

Have you ever felt that, you are a hard working and self motivated candidate but repeatedly rejected by recruiters. One of the major reason is “conveying the right reply to the question asked by the recruiter”. It’s an art to face an interview, convince the recruiter and increase your commercial value. Try to diagnose it more and make a check list. Try to comply all these and soon you will get an excellent result with no doubt.


For any query, always feel free to write me at deb882003@gmail.com or info@tetralance.com

Many students are trying to be well placed after getting a good training in Software Development. Specially web development, Mobile Development and Ethical Hacking are in high demand now. Also, people who are in digital marketing, data science, machine learning have good scope in job placement in near future.

Selecting a training institute:

Many students and working professionals were confused in selecting a training institute. The best way is to go for online training programs provided by UDEMY or LINKEDIN. For real time experience, you also can take help of software companies which are also involved in training on live projects.

Selecting a Course :

Always go for a course, which you found your interest to learn. The course must have good learning curve and match the current employment trend. For freshers, I would suggest Mobile Application & Web Application development. For working professionals, I would suggest BIGDATA and Machine Learning.

Offsite Training Institute:

Offsite training institutes can help you do a real time project with proper documentation and trouble shooting. If you stuck, the programmers can help you shoot it out. To help, I have started one at Bhubaneswar, Odisha (INDIA) called TETRALANCE PRIVATE LIMITED (www.tetralance.com), which offers such service at very low price.


Getting a JOB:

Now-a-days, getting a IT job is not easier, specially in walk in. Hence, you must comply following checklist;

  1. Try to avoid any year gap/s
  2. Get involved in real time project development
  3. Improve your communication skill
  4. Set some references (who can assist you to get the job)
  5. Proper resume format (Its very important now-a-days)


For any query feel free to write me at deb882003@gmail.com or info@tetralance.com




Here, I have tried to describe the us of HTML Table and few attributes, may be helpful to beginners.

HTML Tutorial Part-4

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here I have tried to explain various HTML form elements and attributes. Hopefully, it will be helpful. I have explained using various input types with in a form. These are non-commercial videos and I am open to any kind of discussion, suggestion, improvement, e.t.c.. Thanks for watching this video.

Here, I have explained how you can use Anchor tags in HTML. Hopefully, it will be helpful.